May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Cookie Swap

May the 4th Cookie Swap

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . the Women of Star Wars held a Cookie Swap . . . Each stellar character brought her favorite cookie to the swap . . . behold, the selections:

Leia Organa – Beloved heroine of the first Star Wars movie. Quite assertive, a little sassy, but with a warm heart underneath the frosty surface. Brings Chai Spice Sugar Cookies.

Padme Amidala – A leader in her own right as a serving Senator, she is destined to be mother to twins, a boy and a girl, who are strong in the Force. Brings gingerbread people, painstakingly decorated with elaborate headdresses and robes, and is careful to have an equal amount of boy and girl cookies.

Rey – Scavenger heroine who resourcefully makes something out of discarded leftovers, helps to reawaken the Force. Brings Puppy Chow, after going through the pantry and throwing together all the bits and pieces she can find.

Maz Kanata – Wise and ancient watering-hole proprietor, she gets to the point. “Eh – a COOKIE SWAP!? Who has time for that?!” Brings a few dishes of leftover cocktail peanuts from her dive.

Captain Phasma – She always has to be in charge, and is always overdressed. Brings Petit Fours with Silver Dragees.

Rose Tico – A new character in The Last Jedi, Rose serves in support to the starfighters and has the wrong idea that she is not important. Brings No-Bake cookies.

Mon Mothma – She was the Senator who helped start a rebellion, and has made her mark by becoming the political leader of the Rebel Alliance. Brings Jam Thumbprints.

Jyn Erso – The Rogue One heroine overcomes her criminal past to aid the Rebel Alliance in successfully getting the plans for the Death Star, ultimately leading to its destruction. Brings Black & Whites.

Shmi Skywalker Lars – Anakin’s mother, who lived as a slave and loved him enough to let him go, a decision that changed the galaxy forever. Brings Sand Tarts.

Aunt Beru – Luke Skywalker’s aunt, who with Uncle Owen, raised Luke on their moisture farm on the planet Tatooine. Brings Peanut Blossoms, inspired by the two moons of Tatooine.

Do you participate in cookie swaps? What would your Star Wars cookie persona be?

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