3 Tips for Throwing the Perfect “Sprinkle” Shower


As the birth of our second son kind of completely sneaks up on me, I’m realizing how blessed my little family truly is. I’ve fought pretty hard against having any baby showers, mostly because our kiddos will be about 18 months apart and we really don’t need much, but also because I guess I feel…guilty. Not many have really shown as much interest in this pregnancy as they did with our first, and in a way, not even I myself have really embraced it all until my giant belly made its appearance–I’m too busy chasing around a ridiculously busy toddler!

So, when the subject was broached to me for another shower, I instantly tried to shut down the idea and went in to full on panic mode. Why would people want to come when we JUST (seemingly) had a shower? What if they think we are just trying to get gifts? Why would I personally want to endure the stress of another shower?? Enter: Snooki and JWoww.

No, they aren’t coming to my shower(s) (dang!!!), but watching a rerun of their show however long ago, I remembered that Snooki had a “sprinkle” thrown for her second baby. There are various types of celebrations–from diaper and formula showers to strict “wipes only” luncheons. The point of a sprinkle is just that…to “sprinkle” the mama and newest addition with the essentials, and maybe a few fun, new things, especially if it’s a different gender than a kiddo you’ve already survived 😉 There aren’t a ton of rules, but as I am reminded to get over my anxiety and CELEBRATE this new little guy, here are a few tips I’ve gathered from throwing past sprinkles.

  1. Keep it simple. As stated above, sprinkles aren’t meant to be full on baby showers. There is no need for a big venue, a 3 tiered cake in the perfect replica of the 4-D ultrasound or tons of games. It is meant to be a simple, relaxing time for all in attendance. Make it husband/family friendly if the mama wants! Throw in a fun “how much do you think THIS baby will weigh” pool, swap some fun memories about the future big brother/sister and throw some snacks on a cute table. Sprinkles can still have a simple tie-in color or feature (aka–a crown if you’re expecting a girl, a rustic feel for a boy–whatever), but it’s not meant to have an all out theme complete with special ordered monogrammed table cloths. Don’t forget the cupcakes/cookies/cake tho. I mean seriously…who DOESN’T go to a party for the sweets??
  2. Respect the Mama’s list. I personally am not expecting gifts. This child will lack nothing, whether we buy it all, or it is gifted. I just want him to be celebrated and loved, end of story. That being said, if a mama does choose to register for a few items, chances are–it’s because she knows what she needs/loves/is kicking herself for not registering for with previous pregnancies. So if she registers for a specific brand of diapers, stick with those. If you really don’t like the 5 things she has registered for (remember: the idea of a sprinkle is NOT necessarily to receive larger items), you can never go wrong with a gift card. Give a gift from the heart if you choose to give one, whether it be a homemade blanket full of sentimental value, or a Sam’s Club size box of wipes, it is YOUR gift. Just keep in mind, while every gift is a sweet gesture and fully appreciated…mamas tend to be a lot more practical after Round 1!
  3. Make it all about the baby. As mentioned above, moms can feel like another shower is an obligation to friends and family. Make sure you reiterate to her that this shower isn’t for her! Yes, it is technically for the parents in a way, but the purpose of ANY shower is to celebrate the new life that is about to enter this world. Reassure her in any ways she might need it, because…well, hormones. No detail will go unnoticed, and she will feel nothing but love and gratitude for every person in attendance for simply taking the time out of their lives to honor this new babe, whom might already in some ways be overshadowed by big sibling(s).

Sprinkle Showers are meant to be a fun celebration, centering around simplicity. However–if it’s your 2nd, 4th or even 10th baby and you want a full on baby shower, you go girl! Embrace each pregnancy as the miracle that it is, and have a great time honoring your new little guy/gal however you deem perfect. For those of us who really only need a few basics and lots of love, sprinkle on party people.

Be sure to share any fun shower ideas you’ve experienced/thrown, in the comments below–just like how I steal from Pinterest, mixing and matching ideas is ALWAYS a great time!!!

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  1. Jenna December 16, 2016 at 7:15 am #

    Another idea altogether is to host a shower where everyone brings a gift to donate instead, and take them to a women’s shelter or foster care center!

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