I’m Over the Dinosaur Obsession

untitled-design-6It’s fascinating to me to see children grow into their own little people. As they get older, the things they like or dislike tend to get much more specific. To be honest, this is my favorite time. Even though there is nothing like holding a brand new baby, being able to have some sort of conversation with your child is amazingly fun.

My oldest child is in a phase where he knows what he likes and wants to know everything about it. As much as I want to be involved and love what my child interests are at the moment, it can get to be too much for me to handle.

My son’s latest interest is dinosaurs. I thought it was cute at the beginning, even I found it interesting. However his dinosaur interest has blossomed into a full blown Dino obsession.

As much as I so want to be interested in this subject, I just can’t with the Dino’s anymore.

Now that the excitement of those first months is gone, I honestly dread every single conversation about dinosaurs. Will the dinosaur thing end up lasting forever? I’m not sure, but I can only hope it will slowly become extinct.

These are the reasons I’m so over the dinosaur phase:

  • I cannot pronounce every dinosaur name: I still don’t understand why their names are so hard to spell and pronounce. Well my child seems to have no problem with it but mama always gets it wrong!
  • There is never enough dinosaur material: It seems like my child can never have enough dinosaur books/toys/ cards in this house. My son is always requesting more. Aren’t these creatures extinct anyways? Why do they have so much material about it? Despite the fact that we have a crazy amount of dinosaur material, I still find myself making special trips to the library or store to hunt out any new Dino book there is.
  • We have to watch the same show/ documentary all day: I had enough of the same dinosaur show, like dinosaur train. Sorry, I just can’t watch one more episode and act excited about it.

As much as I like to see my child so interested in something, there is only so much information about them I can pretend to be excited about. Despite the fact that I butcher the scientific names, and get tired of my son prancing around in his head to toe Dino gear, I do my best to encourage his interests. I might not enjoy it the Dino overload, but I know he does. I know that I will not always love what my kid loves but I will still support it. untitled-design-7

Does your child have an interest that you don’t love?

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