Mom of the Month: Amy Brown {February 2017}

One of our missions here at OKC Mom’s Blog is to encourage moms.  And while we all know each and every one of you deserve this recognition, we’ve decided to take nominations from our contributor team and you, our readers, to highlight a Mom of the Month!  We are kicking things off with our very first Mom of the Month, Amy Brown.

Amy was nominated by contributor Melissa Brown and here is what she had to say about Amy:

She is a good friend of mine who began fostering years ago, as a single woman, and was able to adopt two beautiful girls. She has never married, works full time and is an amazing mom. 

Amy and her daughters

We asked Amy a few questions about being a mom.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Jasmine, 9 and Jailyn, 8

I adopted the girls as a single mom after fostering them for four years.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I can’t pinpoint one favorite thing about being a mom to my girls, as it’s a thousand little things…their beautiful smiles and sparkling eyes, their belly laughter and silliness, hearing their sweet voices singing about Jesus, the big hugs and kisses they give me after we’ve been apart, our time together, them still letting me hold them in my lap, seeing them finally conquer something they’ve been afraid of, seeing their joy at a big accomplishment, their awe at discovering something new, their sense of adventure and spontaneity, the pureness of their hearts and the kindness of their spirits.

What is the most challenging thing about being a mom?

The most challenging thing about being a single, working mom is doing it all…being mom and dad both, being the disciplinarian and the nurturer and oftentimes needing to be two places at once is hard! My work as a Funeral Director is so incredibly rewarding but the hours are unpredictable so I often feel like I’m not spending enough time with my girls.  Fortunately, they know the importance of my calling and are understanding and encouraging to me! Plus the girls enjoy the extra time with their grandparents!

What could you not survive without, as a mom.

I could not survive without, first and foremost, my faith, because sometimes ya’ll, I just need to call on Jesus!! Also, I truly couldn’t survive without my incredible support system…my wonderful parents, family and best friends would drop anything at a moment’s notice to help me in a pinch! They have rocked my crying babies, helped me to get my kids to music, dance, softball and basketball, given me words of wisdom when I’m discouraged, made me laugh through tears, stayed the night when I’ve needed to be at work, just really kept me going when I felt like I couldn’t do one more thing! My wonderful boss and coworkers are so understanding and cooperative when I have sick kids or need to be gone for something that’s important to my girls. I’m overwhelmed at the love and support for me and my little family.

Proudest Mom Moment

The moments I’m the most proud of as a mom are when I hear compliments about my girls, that they are kind, loving, obedient and respectful. My heart nearly bursts when I see one of them come to the other’s aid in a moment of trouble. When I hear them pray for one another and listen to them repeat the Truth’s that I’ve quietly planted along the way, I feel a joy like no other.


Amy – congrats on being an amazing mom and we recognize you as our February 2017 Mom of the Month!

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