I’m Sorry for What I Said When I was Pregnant

The last couple of months while I have been pregnant have been a struggle, mainly in being nice and not saying whatever comes into my head. Because of this I feel like I owe an apology….to anyone I’ve come in contact with in the last couple of months. I am sorry for anything I said that was unkind or not as nice as I normally am. But I would like to really apologize to my husband.  That man deserves a gold medal in keeping his mouth shut and giving hugs. I don’t know what happens (well technically I do, I got pregnant) but my mouth cannot keep whatever pops into my head to myself. I try to stop the comments from escaping, I really do. But some slightly rude comment tends to escape before I even know it. Any other pregnant women feel me on this? 

Case in point. Husband compliments me on how cute my pregnant belly looks and how you can’t even tell I look pregnant from behind. Sweet right? Apparently, that was not a good thing to say to me. I lost it. So many tears. Then I went on about how fat I am and why would he ever compliment someone who is so large and on and on and on. Completely crazy and I am sure not what he was expecting from said compliment.

Or what about the time I got mad at him for not wiping off the high chair plate. Did I just ignore the fact that he had fed out daughter, cleaned her up and was currently giving her a bath. Sure did! Once again tears and not nice words about how I have to do everything and how could he not clean and on and on and on. Once again, completely crazy pregnant woman.

Or the worse time was when he had a bit of the snack I was eating. A small bite, but he took the last good part of the my snack. Y’all, I was legitimately mad for like five minutes. Did it matter that we had more in the cabinet? I guess I forgot that part. 

Or how about the friend that innocently told me that I have recently “popped”? At least this one I was able to hold it together until I got to the car and then more tears to my husband. It’s insane! 

Why in the world is it once I become pregnant I lose my mind and start saying whatever I want? Maybe it’s the fact that things are swollen that shouldn’t be swollen (can I get an Amen on that!) or the fact that you have to pee every hour. Or that the smell or sight of chicken makes me want to throw up. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to be pregnant. I am excited about the little baby boy growing inside me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t get crazy. I mean, I am growing a tiny kicking human inside me. I get a pass for something, right?

Regardless, I do feel horrible about what I say when I am pregnant. I am sorry for all the tears. So many many tears. So if you can relate or have your own personal struggle about keeping it together when you’re pregnant, please share! I would love to know I am not alone. Please tell me I am not alone or there just might be more tears on my part. 


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