I See You

I See You

Sometimes being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. You wake up to sweet hugs and those slobbery kisses, every thing goes exactly as it should and the day ends with you on the couch enjoying some TV and a glass of wine.

But SOMETIMES being a mom is a thankless job. You can feel like no one sees all that you do throughout your day. So this is for you moms – as you sit exhausted from your day.

To the mom who is out in morning trying to jog with an incredibly heavy stroller in a feeble attempt to get anything close to your pre-baby body back… I see you.

To the mom in the store with the screaming toddler who was forced to miss nap time because you HAVE to run errands today… I see you.

To the mom toting a heavy car seat with an even heavier baby into a store to grab some formula because you only have enough to make one more bottle… I see you.

To the mom trying to nurse a baby, feed a toddler and maybe get a bite to eat for herself while trying to carry on the only adult conversation she might get to have today … I see you.

To the mom rocking her teething baby at 2 am while everyone else in the house sleeps peacefully… I see you.

To the mom letting her baby cry it out because there really is nothing wrong with them and you just can’t live a life where you’re up for hours every night… I see you.

To the mom who is looking at her teenager while they roll their eyes and wondering where that sweet little toddler with the pigtails that just wanted her mommy to color with her went… I see you.

To the mom dropping off her kid at school for the first time and feeling like your heart just got out of the car and walked in to that school… I see you.

To the mom at 4:30pm wondering what you’re going to make for dinner that night and really just wanting to order pizza… I see you.

To the mom who no one would know that you were a mom. The loss and grief don’t always show on your face… I see you.

To all the moms that are so busy being a mom that your needs and wants are on the back burner. I know it feels like no one is noticing… but I see you!

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