To the Parents Who Have Lost Their Sunshine

By now, we’ve all heard about the terrible tragedy at Disney World when a little boy was killed in an alligator attack.  Here is one Oklahoma mama’s heartfelt letter to his parents. 

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In situations like this, it seems like there is much to say and very little to say at the same time. Let me start by saying, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you have endured a horrific tragedy that took your ray of sunshine away from you in a manner that is unfathomable. I’m sorry that you have seen what you have seen. I wish that the image could be taken away from you and that you could somehow piece your life back together. I know, however, that it will only be possible by the peace giving hand of God. I am very very sorry that people in the cyber world have acted like they have ANYTHING at all to say about this. I hope that you are staying away and not reading anything that people are saying. I really hope that you never even read this. I’m sure that words seem shallow in the face of what you are dealing with.

I assume that people feel like they need to blame someone. In some way, I think it helps them convince themselves that this couldn’t ever happen to them.

The scary reality is, it could have happened to any of us. I have a boy about the same age and as much as I try to rationalize it, I know it could have been him. It could have been me. It could have been my family. We don’t know you, but we grieve with you. We grieve in a deep way that is surprising to me since I don’t know you.

We stand with you as caring parents, parents who are doing the very best they can. I hope that you can find support from people who just love you and love your family. I hope that you ignore people’s ignorant opinions on a tragic accident. I hope that there is someone that just sits with you, cries with you and grieves with you with no words, but with a love that goes deeper than words.

I am sorry, very sorry for you loss. And I am sorry that we live in a world where everyone’s opinion gets to be heard all the time. There are some things that are better left unsaid. In times like this, there is nothing to be said other than, I’m sorry. I hope that you find comfort in some way. We stand with you as moms, knowing it could have been any one of us – and filled with sorrow that it was one of us at all.



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