“Dear Grandma…” (A Holiday Gift Guide)

Dear Grandma,

You’re probably expecting this letter to contain a list of all the things I want for Christmas. You probably already know that I like toys, and games, and technology. But there’s stuff I don’t tell you that I want, and stuff my parents aren’t telling you as well. So here’s my best attempt at making a different kind of list for you this year, a list about what I really want and need this Christmas…

I want experiences

Okay, so I really want a LEGO Millennium Falcon, but in 10 years, I won’t even remember where it is or what I did with it. But I will remember that summer I spent at the zoo thanks to the zoo membership you gave me. I will remember my first ballet recital, thanks to you, because you helped pay for my lessons. I’ll be able to describe those things to my kids and they will become bonding moments between us and between you and me too, Grandma.

Mom has some other ideas too. Ideas like art classes, movie passes, Science Museum memberships, Children’s theater season passes or even camps for Winter or Spring break will all make me grin from ear to ear.

I want gifts to open all year

I love having reminders of you regularly. Let’s be real. I’m a kid. I love surprises. I love exciting and big gifts on Christmas, but I also love little, ordinary, regular gifts throughout the year.  Instead of more toys, I would love a monthly gift box or magazine. There are lots to choose from.

There is no way I will remember which game you gave me but I will definitely remember the way my Dad and I opened my monthly box or magazine every time it came and had such a great time together doing the activities inside. Mom helped again and showed me the different kinds. There’s something for everyone! 

I want mementos

I want things that remind me of you. Maybe a new copy of a book each month/year from a series you loved as a kid. Write me a letter inside. Write me lots of letters that come in the mail. Matching lockets. Things with my name on them. A journal about your childhood. Things with my name on them (I REALLY love that). Things that remind me that we are a family, and of who I am. Things that remind me I am yours and am loved. Mom says someday I will need things like this, and then she gets this weird “cry face” and swallows a lot. She’s weird.

One other thing…

Mom and Dad have NO idea how they are going to pay for my extra-curriculars in high school, or my college. They talk about this account they have that you can contribute to so that the money will grow and grow really fast so it will be there when I need it. They put money in it every month and I bet you could too, since you wanted to buy me a bunch of toys with that money anyway. Maybe some of it could go to my future? Maybe talk to them about that.

So Grandma, it is true that I have a mile long list of toys I want. It is true that I hope I see a good amount of those under the tree this year. But it’s also true that I already have tons of stuff, my parents don’t want more stuff, and what will really matter to me in the years to come doesn’t come in a traditional holiday box. Those are the things I don’t just want, but really need.

Merry Christmas!

(If you minus $119 off of my college fund, you could still get me a LEGO Millennium Falcon.)

Little Sally


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    Mom of two littles December 7, 2017 at 8:09 am #

    Wow! What wonderful ideas!!! Thank you for the reminder to look past toys and gadgets!!!

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