5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

Motherhood has taught me a lot in just a short year. Love. Patience. How to share my food. You get the picture. 

Getting through the first year of parenthood is an accomplishment and a miracle all in one. 

Reflecting back, I slowly see the mom I am becoming. What my tendencies are. How I manage a home, a husband (yes, you read that right… sometimes they need some managing), three dogs, and a baby. 

You know the trend going around right now of choosing a word for yourself in 2018? Well it got me thinking about what my word would have been last year. And I came up with “old fashioned.” Yup. Down-right, good ol’, old fashioned. It’s my parenting style. Like crunchy, only a little further back in time. Not so hippie-ish. 

5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

You might wonder what being an old fashioned mom entails. And, I am so glad you asked. Read below to see my own version of what makes even millennial moms old fashioned. 

1. You still have a paper fridge magnet to write your groceries on

I’m sure you remember your mom having one of these bad boys. A place to collect all her random thoughts throughout the day that she might lose in the next .2 seconds thanks to you turning her brain to mush the moment of conception. Yeah, I now have one too. Occasionally I make lists on my phone of groceries or something random I need to remember. But for the most part, I am old fashioned. Pen and paper, and I am a happy girl. 

2. You still use a (paper) planner

 5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

I’ve started realizing lately people aren’t using planners anymore! Ever since I was a kid I loved going to pick out a new planner. Things haven’t changed much since I became a mom, except for the fact that I can’t fit a planner very easily in my already over-stuffed diaper bag.

I’m the crazy one at the doctors office who holds up the checkout line because I have to dig out my child’s immunization and appointment log book to schedule her next appointment, instead of just typing it into my phone. Hey, it may be old fashioned but I will never lose my appointments or to-do lists when my phone decides to take a swim in the toilet thanks to a toddler who loves the water. 

3. You think matching your kids is cute

Yup, you’re definitely old fashioned. My mom used to make dresses for me and her that were all the same pattern and style. I think every holiday for a while we had matching outfits. She even took it too far as to style our hair the same – curled with it ratted on top. And no, I wasn’t born in the 80’s. I can confess, while my taste in clothing is far beyond what she thought was cute back then, I love matching my daughter. 

4. You believe second-hand is the best hand

5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

Did you ever get your sibling’s clothes or your second cousin’s clothes after they outgrew them? As a kid, I didn’t care. They looked new and were new to me. Maybe this is old fashioned or maybe it’s just how I was raised, but I rarely buy things new. And when I do, it’s usually on sale. I scour consignment sales, garage sales, and thrift stores on the hunt for that cute Baby Gap outfit for a $1. And believe me, I have found some treasures (Hanna Andersson snowsuit for $6 regularly $100, holla at your mama)! So if you get excited about a good garage sale haul, you might be old fashioned!

5. You like grocery shopping

I am not going to lie, I have never done grocery pick-up or had any type of groceries delivered to my house. Heck, I’ve only ordered something off Amazon once! Call me Batty Brittni because I know that is what you’re thinking. Most people dread going to the grocery store. But me, I love it. I look forward to Wednesdays every week when I strap my baby to me and maneuver that cart around the store like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. The thrill I get when I find a good deal is like that euphoric feeling you get when you find a random piece of chocolate. If this sounds like you, sorry to tell you, you’re old fashioned.

All this being said, that’s okay. The world is made up of all kinds of moms. Crunchy moms. Modern moms. Working Moms. Stay-at-home moms. Hot mess moms (okay, include me in this category too). And yes, even old fashioned moms!

So to my old fashioned, second-hand loving, planner-obsessed moms. Keep on rockin’ it! There’s room for us in this journey too!

What kind of mom are you? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

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2 Responses to 5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

  1. Avatar
    Kelly Koutahi February 13, 2018 at 8:45 am #

    Whoa, this is so me! I am old-fashioned too! Many a time I have wished for an old-fashioned clothes line in my suburban backyard but we don’t have the space for it. It’s funny how sometimes the old-fashioned way works best for some of us.

  2. Avatar
    Jennifer Meyer-Conklin February 15, 2018 at 1:36 pm #

    I’m definitely a mix of old school and modern. I love handwritten grocery lists, but I also hate paper clutter so every document, school craft, etc gets photographed and uploaded to our digital album, scanned and saved to our computer or recycled ASAP.

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