Valentines – About Love not Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to show our love more fully to those around us. However, like most holidays we tend to get consumed by consumerism and leave behind the real intent of the holiday. So instead of giving our kids candy, let’s give them experiences. Instead of giving our spouses gifts, let’s give them love. Because remember, it’s about love not gifts.

How can we give the gift of experience?

We can do this by focusing on what the other person enjoys and on spending quality time, not just together time. It’s way too easy to go to a movie with our spouse. There is no experience there beyond watching a flick. But, there is experience in going bowling or dancing together. As spouses, we can talk and enjoy each other’s company for who we are as people. One of the main things that attracted me to my husband was his personality. Therefore, why would I want to waste that on time spent not talking?

valentine's day about love not gifts

Our family tries to go above and beyond with experience gifts. We have gone to sporting events, hiking, and all sorts of outlandish adventures that help us get to know each other as a family. For instance, my husband’s birthday a few years ago we went to see midget wrestling. I know, I know. It’s not normal. But as my husband tells me, being normal is easily replaceable. Ultimately, all of that to say… DO SOMETHING MEMORABLE! If you love your spouse’s or child’s sense of humor, give them an experience that exemplifies that! If you love that they are active, then go get active with them!

Quality Time & Experience Options

Especially since the Indoor Urban Park is only going to be open this month, that would be a great experience for younger kids. You can also go to museums with either your kids, your spouse, or as a whole family. This is a great way to support local while slowing down. One of the best ways we can spend quality time with each other is to not rush through life. One of our favorite museums in the area is the Sam Noble Natural History Museum in Norman. We had a great family day there not too long ago!

From cooking to crafting, there are lots of Valentine alternatives to enjoy with your spouse and also your children.It’s so important to remind our children that we treasure them and why treasure them. So I encourage you to not view Valentine’s Day as just another holiday, but a time to focus on true love and the qualities that we value in our family.

How do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day with your loves?

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