7 Tried & True Gift Ideas for Guys

Gifts for Guys

Christmas is almost here and not only am I filled with hot cocoa, candy canes, and fudge – I’m also filled with the gift giving spirit! Picking out a gift is so much fun for me because it is a way to tell somebody that they are special and are loved. But truthfully, I put a lot of pressure on myself to find the “perfect” gift for each person. I don’t necessarily want it to be something that they would go buy for themselves on any given day, so I like to think outside the box.

It’s easy to come up with too many things that my daughters would enjoy, and I can walk into any number of local stores and find a handful of things that would be perfect for a girlfriend or neighbor. But let’s be real – Why are guys so hard to shop for?

I struggle every. single. year when it comes to gifts for my husband. He’s not picky and I know that he’d be happy with any number of things – but I have no idea how many tools are too many. (My answer would be 2 – my husband disagrees.)

We are all in this together, so here are a few gift ideas that I have found to be a success.

1. Adventure

One of my favorite gifts was a homemade gift certificate for an afternoon of rock climbing at Rocktown Climbing Gym. My husband is athletic, so I loved the idea of sending him off to explore a new-to-him activity. Unfortunately, he broke his elbow a couple of days after he got this “gift certificate”, so I may regift him this one soon! 

2. Pampering

Most guys have to shave, so why not set up a subscription to Dollar Shave Club? It’s a great monthly service that offers a variety of razors, shaving creams, and much more! (Bonus: My husband loved this service so much that I have a subscription, too!)

3. Style

A suit and tie look pretty much the same day in and day out, but having some fun dress socks in a variety of prints and colors is an unexpected way for your guy to show some style and personality in the office.

4. Entertainment

I once bought my husband a pair of pricey outdoor speakers so we could enjoy music while in the backyard. We have a pool and are often outside, so it was a great gift idea – but then I had buyers remorse on how much money I spent. So, I returned the speakers and ended up buying him a small, wireless, bluetooth outdoor speaker from the checkout line and it has been amazing! I was skeptical at first, but it’s been a great addition to our back patio!

5. DIY

I think guys like the feeling of accomplishment, so this one is a fun twist! A beer making kit was a great gift for my husband a few years back and although he has only tried it once, it was fun to watch him try something new! There are lots of home kits available if beer is of no interest to your man.

6. Sentimental

The gift that has lasted the longest around our home is a personalized coffee mug that I made for my husband 6 years ago. It’s a simple mug with a family picture printed on it (that is now outdated since we’ve had 2 more kids), but he uses it often! The hand has even been broken and super glued back on a time or two.

7. Romance

Date nights are rare for us. We have busy schedules and busy kids and it’s hard to find the time to truly devote to each other. With that in mind, I made pre-determined date nights – such a fun gift to put together! I filled 12 envelopes (one for each month of the year) with 2 note cards. One had a date location for us outside of the house and away from the kids, while the other was a date night activity that we could enjoy at home after the kids were in bed. Need some date night ideas? Check here for date night ideas on a budget!

Now it’s your turn! What gifts have been a hit for your guy in the past?

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