OKCMB’s Favorite Apps for Kids!


I always swore I would never be one of those moms who let her kids play on her cell phone and, for the most part, I’m not. But sometimes, momma needs a few minutes of peace!

Whether you use your cell phone/tablet for educational purposes, or you use it to distract your precious little angel from screaming at the top of their lungs while you are grocery shopping, here are a few apps you might be interested in.

Some of these are educational and some of them are just for fun, but they are all worth checking out!

Top Free Apps:

Youtube Kids–this app enables your kids to easily navigate Youtube and allows you to control the experience (you can turn off the search feature and set a timer so your kids know when to stop watching).

Fisher Price Apps–Fisher Price has a whole suite of apps designed for babies. These apps include storybooks, animals, shapes, rhymes, numbers, letters, and much more. Many of these apps even have contrasting colors for even the youngest of viewers (my daughter loves these)!

Disney Junior–Your kids can watch full episodes, live TV, listen to music, and even play games featuring their favorite Disney characters!

PBS Kids Video–Much like the Disney Junior app, PBS Kids Video allows your kids to watch their favorite PBS Kids shows on the go!

Pokemon Go–What app list would be complete without this oh so popular fan favorite? I have seen so many funny memes about Pokemon Go getting kids active and I have to give it to them, it does seem like a fun way to get your kids off the couch! Added bonus–I know a lot of moms who enjoy playing this game while waiting in the school pick up line!

Lego Apps–While not all of the Lego apps are free, there are many that your kids can enjoy for free! With how much my husband loved Legos as a kid, I’m surprised he hasn’t discovered these apps for himself! I know he will have them all once our daughter is old enough to play them!

Shave Santa–What’s more fun that shaving off the beloved beard that kids love to tug on every year at Christmas time? Shaving Rudolph, perhaps? Let your kids be the judge!

Doodle –There are so many free apps that allow your kids to paint, draw, color, and doodle to get those creative juices flowing!

Top Paid Apps:

ABC Mouse–ABC Mouse uses games, books, songs, art, and puzzles to help accelerate learning. This app works in conjunction with ABCmouse.com and is a subscription service.

Endless Numbers & Endless Alphabet*–We have used these apps with our foster kids and my niece and nephew. They have all loved the apps and it has helped them learn their numbers and alphabet in a fun way.

Mr. Potato Head–I loved playing with my Mr. Potato Head as a kid but it was always a pain to keep up with all of the pieces, now my kids can play without me hunting pieces (or stepping on them in the dark).

My PlayHome–This app is an interactive dollhouse! Where was this when I was a kid? According to the 4.5 star reviews, you can’t go wrong with this app!

Todo Math*–Todo Math is an early elementary math curriculum with daily adventures, missions, and quizzes. This app is a great way to make learning fun for your kids!

Infant Stimulation Pack*–My daughter LOVES these apps. You can choose between Infant Faces, Infant Zoo, Egg Head, and Sound Shake in this suite of apps. All of them feature contrasting colors and can catch my daughter’s attention even during her biggest of fits.

*These apps also have free versions that allow you to test out the app to see if your kids like it before buying.


What apps do your kids enjoy?

Do your kids have a designated amount of screen time each day or do they just play games on rare occasion?


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