Tomorrow is a New Day

If I only had a life-size eraser…. I would use it until there was nothing left. Some days as a mother, wife, and employee I would like to call a do-over or crawl back under the covers. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury.

When days get off to a rocky start I often wonder, will my girls remember when I lost my patience, disciplined before listened, or yelled instead of hugged? Will they remember the time I was consumed with cleaning the house instead of playing dress-up?

Days with these little rascals can get pretty crazy, but each new day brings its own rewards.

So what do we do on days like that?
The first thing is take a deep breath and tackle one obstacle at a time. Each area of our life has its own demands. The list is endless and can often seem overwhelming. If we are able to take a deep breath and keep our perspective the list doesn’t seem as daunting.

Next, find a source of comfort. That source of comfort can come in many different shapes. My comfort lately has been a prayer that I found in the Women’s Devotional Bible: “Thank you, Jesus, for your power in every part of my life today – renewing me physically, mentally, and spiritually.” Sometimes I’m saying that prayer as I am getting a pedicure or enjoying a hot shower – without little hands creeping under the door (those moments are few and far between). Finding a source of comfort allows a mom to feel revitalized and ready to conquer another day.

And lastly, find someone with which you can relate and share your struggles and victories. It’s important to have a person in your life who understands your journey, whether it’s someone who is traveling the same roads you are or someone who has already been down that path.

Tomorrow is a new day
At the end of the day, I remind myself tomorrow is a new day. Each new day brings new blessings. My children will probably remember my shortcomings, but my prayer is they take comfort in the special moments: the family meals together, the bedtime routine that never falters no matter how late it is, and the hugs and kisses that get us through the day. Yes, these are the blessings that make up for the less than bright moments we experience in motherhood.

What are other tips and advice to get moms through another day? 

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    Emily November 17, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Great article Angie! Just what I needed to read today!!

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    Elaine November 18, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    Love the article! I’m so happy you included prayer as a way to get through a tough time.

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