Millennial Kids Say The Darndest Things


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Me, to my kids: well back in my day we didn’t have technology like you do today…..we were forced to use this thing called imagination to play.  GASP!

My son:  Well, you were born in the 1900’s.

I guess he has a point.

Times change, and I don’t know about you but it feels weird to be on the opposite end of the “back in my day” story.  Our kids have it so easy!  I’d love to know what their kids will be saying to them that make them feel ancient.  Here are a few things some of our contributors have heard from their kids, that we would have never said to our parent – dare I say it – back in the day.

  1. Mom, can I play on your phone?
  2. Whats the wifi password?
  3. Can I get this app?
  4. Can we just watch it on Netflix later?
  5. Does our car have a USB port?
  6. Let’s Google it.
  7. I love this song!  Let’s buy it on iTunes.
  8. Why does this phone have a cord?
  9. Is this a touch screen?
  10. Can we review this on YouTube?
  11. Let’s FaceTime/Skype them!
  12. Siri couldn’t understand what you said.
  13. Can you text her mom and ask for a playdate?
  14. When a commercial comes on TV: “What is this? Why did you turn off my show??”
  15. Mom, let’s Dubsmash!
  16. Selfie, mama!

What can you add to this list??


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    Angela July 27, 2017 at 5:33 pm #

    “Don’t forget to plug the car in when you get home”

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