Ten Super Stocking Stuffer Ideas

“And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there…”

And so the beautiful Christmas story explains the quiet and anticipating scene that these over-grown socks eagerly await their bellies being filled by the jolly old man who came down the chimney.  When I close my eyes and picture this, I see it just as I should, beautiful and quiet.  When I open my eyes I see those same socks awkwardly hanging on their hooks, so that the top seems to look like a mouth saying “FEED ME. FEED ME. FEED ME.”  You see, I sometimes like to call stockings the forgotten gifts.  I spend so much time thinking and shopping and wrapping the gifts that will bring smiles to three beautiful faces on Christmas morning, that when it comes to filling the stockings, I scramble.  It is my go-to place to put the batteries that need to go with the toys that are under the trees, because who wants to wrap batteries?  That flat paper backing is a killer for anyone who likes to get smooth corners.  But if you are looking to add a little something fun and extra to their stockings, look no further, I’ve rounded up ten ideas that you can put on your shopping list.

1.)  $5 Giftcard to Shimmers:  Shimmers is a local snocone stand, but did you know that they have two year-round locations?  And they serve a variety of tasty treats…especially hot chocolate.

2.)  Bedre Fine Chocolate:  Bedre makes these delightful, individually-wrapped pieces of their chocolate in the shape of Oklahoma, a cowboy hat or a boot.  You can pick them up at the Cowboy Hall of Fame or other locations listed on our Holiday Gift Guide.

3.)  Safety Tat:  Every single one of you should buy this product for yourself and gift it to your child.  SafetyTat is a temporary tatoo that has valuable information pertaining to your child’s needs.  When you enter a crowded place like a museum or the zoo, it is nice to have some assurance that if your child was lost, someone would be able to call you.  They also have a line created for medical information, like allergies.  Do yourself a favor and buy a package!

4.)  Their Favorite Food:  If my son could choose one thing to eat, all the time, it would be macaroni and cheese.  I’m not kidding, all the time.  I don’t let him eat it all the time, but the excitement that he gets when we pick some up at the grocery store is too good to not include in the Christmas spirit.  So next time you are shopping grab an extra “something” that your child loves.

5.) Art Supplies:  Crayons, markers, paint sets, chalk…they all have one thing in common they (break, dry up, crumble) and always need to be replaced.  So reserve special occasions for the time to restock your supplies.

6.)  A New Cup:  Kids are gross.  Their cups are grosser.  Even when I wash and sanitize their cups I still will have nightmares of the solidified milk that was stuck in the straw when I found it under the couch.  So another time to make a practical item work as a gift!

7.)  Silly Putty:  If you do not know what this is, how?  Silly Putty is by far the greatest of all inventions.  It has magical entertainment powers that no one can explain.  You can lift off newsprint and stretch it so the picture looks huge, you can make a snake, a coil pot, collect textures from ordinary objects, the list could go on and on.  I linked to a deal on amazon.com that was for a 6 pack.  That way you can replace the lint filled putty as time goes on.

8.)  Gymboree Bubbles:  These bubbles are amazing!  When you blow into the wand the room can fill up with bubbles in a minute. We are talking about hours of fun, watching your child run around and popping them.  The concept of allowing indoor bubbles may be hard for some of you to grasp, but the wand and tray make it easy to control the mess and it helps fight the winter blues.

9.)  Pocket Game:  We are in an age where, for whatever reason, most of us will look at our unruly or bored child and hand them a $500 device without blinking an eye…HELLO?!!!  I tell myself, it’s ok, you have a protective case. Ha! That logic is completely illogical.  I have started carrying pocket (or purse) sized activities so that when we are in a prolonged waiting situation I can offer this instead of having three children fight over one device.  Some ideas are dry erase boards, etch-a-sketchs, magnadooles, flashcards, etc.

10.)  Band-Aids:  Easy, practical, covered in your child’s favorite characters.

Good luck fellow, Santa Parents!  Help yourself and don’t let the forgotten gift be forgotten!

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