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Is Her Maternity Leave My Business?

When it comes to talking about maternity leave, the conversation usually centers around whether there is enough of it, and whether it should be paid. Often we make comparisons between the U.S. and European countries, where mothers are legislatively guaranteed one year of paid maternity leave. So when we hear about a mother who has […]

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3 Job Search Tips for Moms Returning to the Workforce

  I recently made an industry change in my career but previously had worked in hiring and recruiting departments for 8 years. I have seen countless applications, resumes, interviews and job placements. During that time I encountered many people re-entering the workforce, including moms. Job searching in and of itself can be a time consuming and extensive […]

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Working Mamas, Let’s Finally Lose the Guilt

Working Mamas, When’s the last time you felt guilty for working outside the home?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve put on your big girl dress pants and have mostly overcome the working mama guilt.  That is, until someone says something that reminds you that you should feel bad for not being your child’s sole caregiver. And […]

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Marketable Mama: Your Mom Skills Matter

Mom skills.  We’ve all got them.  And while my mom skillset may be different from yours, I guarantee that being a mom makes us both great leaders, too.  These mom skill qualities are transferable from your home to the high-rise.  However and wherever you choose to use your influence, have confidence that you are equipped. 3 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Leaders: […]

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