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True Life: My Marriage Helped Me Heal from Childhood Rape Trauma

Emotional trauma, especially traumatic events in childhood, can rewire the brain to create innate reactions like panic, terror, anger, etc. in potentially similar situations. Psychologically speaking, it’s the most basic form of self-preservation. Shortly after I got married, deep, old wounds re-opened, and I knew I would have a rough road ahead.  When I was […]

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The Day

The Day My Daughter Broke Her Arm

My oldest daughter has always been a bit of a daredevil, and sadly quite clumsy. While I am a fearful parent, I have never been a hovering parent. I let her explore the world around her as a toddler, I let her climb on all the playground contraptions even though it gave me heart palpitations, and […]

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True life- anxiety

True Life: Living With Crippling Anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety for practically my entire life. I remember being in elementary school, sitting at my desk, and worrying. As I grew older, there were times in my life when my anxiety was almost crippling.  A horrible relationship in college left me reeling with anxiety.  Sleepless nights filled with racing thoughts of worry became an all […]

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