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4 Steps to Rock Bedtime Every Night

I am sure that I’m preaching to the choir when I say motherhood is kinda like a series of trial and error experiments. Sometimes you find things that really work for your family, and other times you stand there scratching your head and wondering where it went wrong. I will also preface this by saying, […]

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I Already Miss It

“Mama! What do you fink!?” My toddler son sprang to his feet after buckling his shoes on the wrong feet, completing his outfit. At that moment, I wanted to freeze him. His proud smile, and chubby hands perched on his hips, his little blue glasses, dinosaur shirt, and mismatched socks… “You look amaaaazing!” I said. Our […]

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The One with the Cyber Mom-Bully

The One with the Cyber Mom-Bully

To be completely honest, I used to throw a huge eye roll at the term “Cyber-Bully.” I saw the term used (and dare I say, over-used) again and again by what seemed like every teen and twenty-something out there. To an extent, I still believe the term is over-used. However, after experiencing a very small […]

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