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When I Say “I’m Tired”…

I’m a part-time working mom of three kids, one of which is 4 months old, so I’m used to not getting a lot of sleep. I’m used to running on fumes and powering through on a wing and a prayer (and an enormous amount of Diet Dr. Pepper). But lately, I haven’t been “normal tired”. […]

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A New Kind of Tired

Fifteen years ago, I was tired. I was a new college student learning that my mother was no longer around to help navigate my sleeping schedule. I was the one responsible for going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up in time for eight o’clock classes. But let’s be real. What eighteen year […]

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Why don't we ask for help?

Why Do We Not Ask for Help?

Tired. That’s the number one response I offer these days when people ask how I am. Is it because I don’t get enough sleep? Nope. It’s because I over commit. I work a lot, I have side hustles to help us with the extras. I volunteer at church, I don’t miss any game or concert […]

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I. Am. Tired.

After I get my kids to bed, I plop down on the couch with the laundry basket full of un-matched socks, a task that has waited a month for me to get to. It hit me in that moment, I’ll never get it all accomplished.  I am tired. As I look around at the kitchen sink […]

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I’m An Early To Bed Mama

I’ve never been much of a night owl.  Even as a child the second 8:30 pm rolled around I was eagerly anticipating sleepy time.  At slumber parties I was the first one to fall asleep, which obviously meant that my bra spent the next morning defrosting from the ever so enjoyable girly slumber party hazing fun. I didn’t care though […]

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Dear Midnight Mama

Hey Mama, It is late – LATE – and here you are, awake.  These wee hours are the lonely ones of motherhood.  It feels like no one notices.  It feels like you’re alone.  The loneliness, the quiet, you can feel it. It can be so heavy. But you’re not alone.  You’re SO FAR from alone. There are […]

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