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Navigating the “New Normal” With Teens

One month ago, the initial novelty of having an “extended” spring break brought joy to our teen-aged son. However, the excitement quickly wore off as the days turned into weeks, then turned into the new normal of shelter-in-place, social distancing, and finally, having to finish the school year through distance learning. His younger sisters (8 […]

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9 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Her Body Before She’s 9

“Body-positive” “Body-confident” “Body-shaming” These are the body-buzz-words of our lives. Sorting through all of these image-related sound bites and messages is really difficult to do when everywhere you look the human body is on display for critique, by everyone. One thing’s for sure though: If you are a Mom and you have a daughter, you […]

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Talking to Children About Sex: 10 Things All Parents Should Do

Say it loud, say it proud — Penis! Vagina! Masturbation! Piece of cake, right? Now say that in front of your kid… Believe it or not, talking about sex with our children is easy; at least when compared to talking to our children about healthy and safe relationships. I recently attended an event hosted by YES […]

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