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Help! I Live WIth Extroverts

Hello, my name is Lauren, and I am an introvert. I prefer one-on-one chats to large groups.  I avoid small talk because I also happen to be awkward. Home is my happy place. And silence is beautiful. During this time of “social distancing,” I really feel like this is my time to shine.  But I have a […]

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I’m a Google Mom

Most women use their pregnancy as a time to prepare for baby. Planning the perfect nursery theme. Reading books to unlock the secrets of infant behaviors. Building an appropriate wardrobe to match the season and sex of baby. Soaking up those last few nights of uninterrupted sleep. Nine months of mental, emotional, and physical preparation. […]

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I grounded myself from my smart phone (1)

I Grounded Myself From My Smartphone

Technology is a beautiful thing.  It has the ability to make our lives easier, reconnect us with old friends, and capture precious moments with the quick touch of a button.  It is also an amazing thing to use when disciplining your children.  Threaten to take the technology away, or worse, do it, and my kids […]

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HiPad (300 x 225)

Too Much Technology!

Today’s times revolve so much around technology.  I have a four and two year old and already they know how to navigate the iPhone better than I do.  Their favorite past time is to watch the iPad and it feels like I’m constantly being begged to “watch something.”  I wish I could say that I […]

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