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My Promise to Other Mamas

To my mama friends… I promise to always bring enough sliced grapes for everyone to our play dates. I promise to hold your newborn while you take a shower, eat a meal, or do whatever needs to be done. I promise to invite you to come to my house and let your child make messes. […]

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I See You

I See You

Sometimes being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. You wake up to sweet hugs and those slobbery kisses, every thing goes exactly as it should and the day ends with you on the couch enjoying some TV and a glass of wine. But SOMETIMES being a mom is a thankless job. You […]

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a love letter

A Love Letter to My Spanx

Did anyone else grow up watching old movies?  I am talking about Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Meet Me in St. Louis, Sense and Sensibility, and basically anything that came on Turner Classic Movies.  I loved seeing all of the beautiful dresses and observing their formal manners.  I loved watching how men courted […]

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Being Strong for My Mom

Recently, we had a guest post from Annette regarding her reaction to being diagnosed with breast cancer.  This post is by her daughter and how she is coping with her mom having cancer. It’s one of those days you can’t forget.  The day you find out there’s a possibility your mom could be sick, the day […]

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