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When “Unfriending” is Self-Care

As an online content creator and fledgling online business owner, disengaging from social media altogether is simply not an option for me. Gone are the days when I could just decide to take social media breaks for weeks at a time. There are posts and products to promote, and prospective readers and customers won’t go […]

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in defense of social media

In Defense of Social Media

It’s true, I’m from a different generation. When I went to summer camp, I stayed in touch with my friends by exchanging written letters, which included placing a stamp on the envelope and walking it down to the mailbox for delivery, states away. In high school, I used to hand-write notes to my friends or […]

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Facebook Is My Baby Book

If you don’t want to see 7.5 million pictures of my kids, then you definitely don’t want to friend me on Facebook.  In high-school and college my MySpace (and then later in the game Facebook) was filled with pictures that can only be described as “questionable life choices” and “shady boyfriends”. Then the next saga of […]

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Dad and baby

Be Above the Bashing

  Maybe you’re guilty of it. No doubt you’ve witnessed it. Or, perhaps you’ve simply acknowledged it with an “Amen, girl” or an all-caps “YES” comment on another mom’s Facebook rant. Dad bashing. Sure, there are things that get on your nerves. There are things you can’t stand. We all need to vent sometimes. Yet, […]

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In Defense of Today’s Parents

Does anyone else feel a little…weary? Ya’ll. This parenting thing is no joke.  Most days, I barely have the energy to crawl into bed after a full day of working and mom-ing.  I am DRAINED from meeting the needs of so many other people throughout my day.  It gets to be a lot.  And then, since […]

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