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To The Mamas Of Littles – It Gets Easier

I had all three of my children pretty much back-to-back-to-back.  Each time my husband and I found out we were expecting, we dreamily envisioned our little stair-step kiddos developing close knit friendships, and we were excited that our children would all be close in age. What I did not envision, however, was how tricky those early days of keeping up with a […]

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Surviving Sibling Fight Club

It doesn’t take long. Baby 2 (and beyond) comes along and as soon as they are mobile and able to take big brother/sister’s stuff, it’s on like donkey kong. They were so sweet for those first months, weren’t they?   Snuggling up together, making each other giggle and smile. So many instagram-able moments. But alas, those […]

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Second Child Syndrome: The Newborn Edition

You may remember Part I of this post from January. Back then I was in the last weeks of my second pregnancy and was reflecting on the differences from my first. Well that pregnancy is now an almost 2 month old baby girl, and I’ve once again noticed many other differences in her newborn days […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Reflecting back on my “growing up” years, I don’t remember ever feeling like I had a rivalry with my sister.  She is two years older than me and quite frankly, we got along pretty well.  Sure, we had our moments, but living in a small town in Pennsylvania, we relied on each other and became friends.  We had […]

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