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Ready to ride off into the sunset and never look back!

Peace Out, Elementary School…

  My youngest child will be leaving elementary school in one month, and I have serious mom senioritis. When my oldest was venturing out into the world of middle school, I was a sobbing mess. Therefore, I have been emotionally preparing myself for the last year or so for the end of our elementary school […]

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Saying goodbye to my baby OKCMB 2018

Coping With the Pre-K Blues

My last baby is entering the school world… I have been dreading this for the past four years. My last child entered Pre-K this fall and my heart is breaking into two. He was absolutely ready for this transition and anxiously awaited the day he could also go to school like his big sisters. I, […]

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Why I Quit Homeschooling My Kids

I never thought my kids would attend public school. I deeply believed in the benefits of homeschooling. I loved teaching my kids, and I truly couldn’t have imagined sending my kids off to be taught by another person all day long. And don’t even get me started on all of the horror stories I had […]

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