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There Is Not A Straight Road To Forgiveness.

Relationships are not easy.  Every day we cross paths with different people. Some of those people have been around for as long as we can remember, and the relationship is easy. And then there are those that are around for only a season of our lives. It’s these tricky short-season relationships that can sometimes cause […]

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Dad and baby

Be Above the Bashing

  Maybe you’re guilty of it. No doubt you’ve witnessed it. Or, perhaps you’ve simply acknowledged it with an “Amen, girl” or an all-caps “YES” comment on another mom’s Facebook rant. Dad bashing. Sure, there are things that get on your nerves. There are things you can’t stand. We all need to vent sometimes. Yet, […]

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Balance and Boundaries: Making Your Own

Each of us sets boundaries in our lives. Some grow subconsciously over time, others with much more thought. We set boundaries for ourselves, and we set boundaries for those with whom we interact. They’re important and sometimes downright imperative. When you get married, you inherit your spouse’s family, for better or worse. There are traditions […]

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MB late

When Chronically Late Marries Always Prompt

It’s so cliche’.  But friends, it’s true.  You marry your opposite.  And it’s not easy.  In my case, Always Prompt (that’s me) married Chronically Late. I remember as a little girl, sitting on the couch dressed and ready, waiting to go somewhere because it was too early to leave.  I don’t just remember one instance – […]

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Ground Rules for Marriage

My husband and I have been together about five years now, and along the way we have realized we each have particular “buttons,” if you will, and because of that, we set some ground rules for our marriage. Of course the “no cheating,” “no disrespecting,” etc. are there, but we felt it important to set […]

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