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Quick + Easy Taco Cups

When it comes to mealtime, “quick” and “easy” are a mom’s two favorite words. But when you throw in “tacos,” everyone gets excited! In our house, we love to have friends over and entertain. Taco cups are great for party appetizers or even dinner with your favorite sides. These perfect, crispy little cups are flavorful […]

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The Yummiest Birthday Pupcakes to Celebrate Your Fur Baby

Before I became a #boymom, I was a devoted #dogmom. My fur-baby Solomon helped me get through some of the lowest times in my life, but he has also been there to celebrate the highest highs. The least I can do for him is celebrate his birthday in a fun way!  Solomon turned three years […]

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Don't pick up a pizza for dinner!  Make it a family affair with Make your Own Pizza Night!

Its Pizza Night!

Friday nights have evolved into pizza night at our house.  It’s how we kick off the weekend.  Mom doesn’t have to cook, and movies, popcorn and pillows are not far behind.  The other day I let myself think for just a minute about how much money I had spent on pizza.  And I got a […]

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Green Juice Goodness

Juicing 101

I started juicing back in 2010 after I had my daughter. I’ve always been a relatively healthy person, but wanted to kick it up a notch. I found a book by the author Kris Carr; who I absolutely love, for more than one reason! She is why I decided to start my juice journey and […]

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Baking Memories with your Kids

Baking Memories With My Kids {S’mores Cookie Recipe}

S’mores….mmmmmm…gooey, delicious, messy s’mores. In my family, last minute desserts are usually an easy thing, because there is a really good chance of opening our pantry doors and finding some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. We absolutely love the darn things. And apparently so do a majority of people on Pinterest. Last year, it seemed […]

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Easy Meals for New Moms!

What is the easiest way to help a new mom out? Take her family a meal! Seriously. No woman who has just birthed a baby wants to come home, meal plan, and schlep the kids to the grocery store. Her husband might be gifted in the kitchen, but chances are he will also be exhausted […]

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