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Simple Ways to Make Books Part of Your Child’s “Play”

As a teacher, I often get questions from friends about what they can be doing to prepare their child for school. My usual answer is: nothing! Let them play! Children learn through play and rich experiences. But I’ve come to understand that “just play,” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Many of us have […]

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9 Things to Check Out at Your Local Library (And We Don’t Mean Books)

I love libraries. Maybe it’s the introvert in me that feels drawn to quiet spaces; maybe it’s the two years in high school I spent as a library aide; maybe it’s my love of reading and learning. Whatever it is, I am so glad to have public libraries as part of my community. Whenever there’s […]

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9 Books You Will Actually WANT To Read This Summer

One of my favorite past times (yes, because having a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old qualifies anything done at a leisurely, quiet, enjoyable pace as a thing of the past) is reading. Those that know me probably think, “um…you’re an English teacher, don’t you read ALL THE BOOKS?” I’d love to say yes but…nope. I’ll be honest, at […]

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Best Loved Books of 2014

Is one of your resolutions to read more in the upcoming year? Well if it is, then I have a great list to get you started! (If it’s not one of your resolutions….this is still a great list!) I did this a book review last year on the blog for 2013 and thought I’d share with […]

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Best Loved Books of 2013

It’s no secret that I love to read. I went through about 47 books last year, but I’m always searching for another good book recommendation! To make it easy on you other bibliophile moms out there, I thought I’d break down my favorite reads from 2013 (not necessarily written in that year). Best Fiction: The […]

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