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Phillip and Alden playing nicely...for now!

5 Alternatives to Saying “No”

No.  How often do we say it in a day? How often do we say it to our toddlers, only to have them smile or laugh and repeat the action that caused the “no” in the first place? Fun, right? As our babies grow and gain their independence, they’re going to “get into mischief,” as […]

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Credit: Jan Foisy

My Husband Saved My Life

On July 15, 2017, we welcomed our sweet daughter into the world. Lily Claire was absolutely perfect. Big brother Wesley doted on her and proudly announced his new role to everyone he saw. A few days later we went home.  A week went by and we were adjusting to being a family of four quite […]

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A Letter For The Young Mom

Dear Young Mom, Having a baby changes everything, but having a baby when you are not ready or when it is not planned can be difficult, especially when you are young. You thought you had a great future, you thought you would conquer the world, but somewhere along the way you fell in love.  You […]

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Parenting: A Grand Experiment

I am about to enter my twelfth year in this parenting gig. These twelve years have brought overwhelming joy, as well as excruciating anguish. It is simply the nature of having our hearts walking around outside of our bodies. As with any job, we have good days and bad days in parenting. But parenting is […]

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4 stages of parenthood (1)

The Four Stages of Parenthood

Ah, parenthood. As soon as we seem to figure out what’s working, something changes. So we observe, try a few things differently, and adjust. We hit a sweet spot…and something changes. Again. After a father/daughter camp with our middle daughter several years ago, my husband came home with some information that has stuck with me […]

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