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6 signs you might be a momaholic

Are you a Momaholic? 6 signs you might be one.

I recently read an article on LinkedIn about women having an affair with their career/work. I spoke with a wise and trusted colleague about this subject and she said to me, “I think that women have to be connected to their passion whether that is work outside the home, their kids, their hobby, etc. I think […]

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The Best Advice I Never Took

As mothers, we’ve all been on the receiving end of another’s well intentioned words of wisdom.  It starts early, there is something about a baby bump that bonds us as women and brings about a swell of experiences we feel the need to share with each other.  Whether solicited or unsolicited, advice just comes with the territory […]

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Mommy caved! We all went for pedicures.

Rite of Passage

As a mother of girls who are 16 months apart, I struggle with an ongoing issue… do they both get to do the same thing at the same time or should it be special for just one?  When my oldest was starting kindergarten, I wanted to make it special for her, so I had planned […]

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