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4 Types of Negative Nancies and How to Avoid Them

    There’s something spreading rapidly through the local playground, school pick up line, even Starbucks isn’t immune. And no it’s not hand/foot/mouth. Negativity. This contagious condition is carried by most of us moms. We’re infecting ourselves and even more alarmingly, our kids. I will be the first to say that a good ole complain […]

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Why We Are Raising Our Kids Without Religion

Believe me… I am well-aware that this is a VERY sensitive topic and I am contemplating backing out on sharing this as I type. I was born and bred here in Oklahoma and know how deeply passionate the people are about religion, and those who do not believe are few and far between. This is […]

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“I’m Fine”…and Other Lies Moms Tell

My husband had asked me three times already. “What’s WRONG??” We were driving to church and I was visibly upset about a situation that had come up rather quickly just prior to our leaving the house. I was trying to keep it together so as to avoid messing up my makeup and letting my carefully […]

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