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I Am More Than A Mom!

Life Before Kids Pre-baby, I was that girl who was involved in anything and everything. I enjoyed working hard and learning something new every day. When my husband and I discussed starting a family, I assumed it would be fairly easy to integrate parenthood into our lives. There would be some sacrifices, of course, but […]

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Mom Confession: I Don’t Like Babies

I never thought I’d have kids. I didn’t want any. I never spent time picking out the perfect baby names or thinking about what they might look like. I never worried about carrying on any family legacy. I always thought I’d be perfectly content with being single and climbing the corporate ladder. But, in the […]

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5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

Motherhood has taught me a lot in just a short year. Love. Patience. How to share my food. You get the picture.  Getting through the first year of parenthood is an accomplishment and a miracle all in one.  Reflecting back, I slowly see the mom I am becoming. What my tendencies are. How I manage […]

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Mommin’ with Morning Sickness

I crouched forward, pressing my forehead to the cool bathroom tile, inwardly praising my husband for his recent scrub of the floor. I breathed in and out slowly, willing away the stomach upheaval and silently pleading for some semblance of reprieve. “Mom?” my five-year-old’s voice floated through the air. “Yes, dear?” “After you finish throwing […]

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