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How to Give Yourself Grace During COVID-19

The chaos of COVID-19 has escalated quickly and life as we know it has changed pretty drastically. All large gatherings have been canceled, businesses are temporarily closing, and we have been encouraged to take part in this thing called “Social Distancing.” For some of us, the stay-at-home life is normal. For others, being confined to […]

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Summer is the Actual Worst

I’m going to say something. You may call me crazy. You might call me naive, ridiculous, or roll your eyes if you want. But you know what? I. DON’T. CARE. Because I’m going to say it anyway: I. HATE. SUMMER. Seriously. Every single part of summer I hate. First of all, the heat. People who […]

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4 Steps to Rock Bedtime Every Night

I am sure that I’m preaching to the choir when I say motherhood is kinda like a series of trial and error experiments. Sometimes you find things that really work for your family, and other times you stand there scratching your head and wondering where it went wrong. I will also preface this by saying, […]

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The One with the Cyber Mom-Bully

The One with the Cyber Mom-Bully

To be completely honest, I used to throw a huge eye roll at the term “Cyber-Bully.” I saw the term used (and dare I say, over-used) again and again by what seemed like every teen and twenty-something out there. To an extent, I still believe the term is over-used. However, after experiencing a very small […]

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welcomelittle one!

4 Baby Splurges You Won’t Regret

Congratulations! You’re having a baby! Get ready for your email in-box, Instagram, and Facebook feeds to be flooded with information about all sorts of products. Do you need them? Are they worth the money? This mom of two researched and asked around way too much before settling on a just a few “splurges.” These are […]

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I Am More Than A Mom!

Life Before Kids Pre-baby, I was that girl who was involved in anything and everything. I enjoyed working hard and learning something new every day. When my husband and I discussed starting a family, I assumed it would be fairly easy to integrate parenthood into our lives. There would be some sacrifices, of course, but […]

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