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I’m a Looker, Not a Cooker

When I first got married 13 years ago, a friend gave me a magnet that stated “I’m a looker not a cooker.” It’s been on my fridge ever since. Maybe it was foreshadowing. How was I to know that I would never be a fan of cooking? I had domestic aspirations. I learned a few […]

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There is Nothing “Wrong” With My Child

Right now, my husband and I are in an “in between” state with lots of questions about our 4 year old son. It’s the kind of state where I’ve lost sleep and driven myself crazy by going deeper and deeper on the internet trying to become more informed. It’s the kind of state that has made […]

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The Day

The Day My Daughter Broke Her Arm

My oldest daughter has always been a bit of a daredevil, and sadly quite clumsy. While I am a fearful parent, I have never been a hovering parent. I let her explore the world around her as a toddler, I let her climb on all the playground contraptions even though it gave me heart palpitations, and […]

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