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5 Lies Moms Tell Themselves

I looked around my house, frustrated with the never ending to-do list that I have running through my head. It unraveled like an old time roll call list. You know, the ones like scrolls that, upon opening, roll to the floor and just keep going and going. Yeah, that is what my list looked like […]

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hang on

How to Hang On {When You Feel Like Losing It}

Overwhelmed. Depleted. Sleep-deprived. Sigh. Aren’t your children supposed to be blessings? Aren’t you supposed to love being a mom? Then why is it, that, if you have to sacrifice your needs for the needs of others one more time…YOU. MIGHT. JUST. SNAP? After two weeks of commuting to the NICU, while also attending your preschooler’s […]

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I See a Therapist, and I’m Not Ashamed

I see a therapist. There. I said it.  I feel like there is a pretty big stigma around mental health so it’s hard to discuss without someone jumping to conclusions. Does she have postpartum depression? Is her marriage okay? Is she crazy? Did she try to hurt herself? She probably doesn’t have a friends to […]

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