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A Letter For The Young Mom

Dear Young Mom, Having a baby changes everything, but having a baby when you are not ready or when it is not planned can be difficult, especially when you are young. You thought you had a great future, you thought you would conquer the world, but somewhere along the way you fell in love.  You […]

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My baby is growing up!
Credit: Jess Graefe Photography

A Letter To My Last Baby

Dear little one, You’ve turned one, and you aren’t a baby anymore, but I want you to know that you will always be my baby. Your brothers will always be my babies, too, but you are different because you are the last baby. In your first year, time has moved both slowly and quickly. I’ve […]

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To My Baby’s Day Care Teacher

It’s 7:30 in the morning, and I catch myself dragging my feet into your classroom. I’m busy complaining about how I’ve been up for an hour and I barely slept. Meanwhile, you’ve been here since six o’clock. You turned the lights on in your classroom before I even opened my eyes. You arranged toys, prepared […]

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