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I Didn’t Make My Kindergartner Do His Homework

My barely five-year-old entered the big wild world of kindergarten last year.  The first week of school my husband and I attended a kindergarten parent prep night.  At this meeting we were informed that kindergarten was no longer a “fun” grade like it was when we were children.  (Children these days have a lot less recess and […]

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My Child Wasn’t Ready For Kindergarten {And I Sent Him Anyway}

My 5-year-old little boy has the ever dreaded summer birthday.  He’s sandwiched smack dab in between the ages of “send on to kindergarten” and “do not pass go for another year”. Being the over worrier that I am, I read article after article about this new fangled thing called “kindergarten readiness”.  I checked the lists and, honestly, […]

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Boost Your Child’s Kindergarten Readiness

This is a sponsored post written by Suzanne Wandling, Outreach Coordinator, Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy “Kindergarten Readiness” – two words that cause a mom’s heart to skip a beat. Feelings of excitement and doubt come with big life transitions, and deciding if your child is ready for kindergarten is one of them. We encourage you […]

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