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My Kids Have Different Moms

Mom #1: She rolled up to the park with a fully stocked diaper bag. She brought enough organic pouches of baby food to last several days, the cloth diapers were fresh and bright, and her hair and makeup were in place, fresh from that morning. Her baby was carefully accessorized from head to toe and still […]

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Grace Over Guilt

Recently, I caught myself being super judgmental.  I actually told an exhausted new mama of two that her children deserved better.  I told her she wasn’t doing enough.  Her house wasn’t clean enough.  I even looked her straight in the eye and told her the baby weight wasn’t coming off quickly enough. When I listen […]

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My Adventures in Extended Breastfeeding

**Each Friday, starting Nov 7 and for the next 7 weeks, we will be posting a new blog post about breastfeeding and several different journeys our team has experienced.** Breastfeeding is the strangest, most wonderful thing I have ever been blessed to experience.  Becoming a mother has changed me – I know it changes most women, […]

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