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How To Raise A Child With Special Snowflake Syndrome In 5 Easy Steps

There’s a new syndrome that’s sweeping the nation. Turn on the TV and you’ll see the inflicted plastered across the screen on shows like Good Morning America.  (Affluenza anyone?) Peek into any classroom and you’ll witness first hand many little kids already in the early stages. This terrifying ailment is called Special Snowflake Syndrome. What […]

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You Know You're a Mom If...

You Know You’re a Mom If…

It’s not always easy being a Mom. Each hour can be different, and can be full of laughs, rewards, challenges, and tears. And there are undoubtedly  moments that happen in your every day life that can only be explained by the phrase “I’m a Mom.” So, from one Mom to another, here’s some of the things on my list: You […]

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My Toddler's

My Toddler’s New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, Parenthood.  It’s the most wonderful phase of life, right?  Parenting a toddler has been nothing short of exciting.  As we reflected on our last year, and dreamt about hopes of 2015 for our family, I couldn’t help but giggle thinking about what my daughter’s resolutions would look like.  I imagine, something like this: 1. […]

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