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Moms, It’s OK to Ask For Help!

As a mom, I often feel like I’m juggling too many things. From our family life to our church priorities to my job to my social obligations to holiday plans to neighborhood projects to meal planning to working out to….fill in the blank with whatever you are juggling too! You get the idea and I […]

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When Do You Let Your Kids Quit?

My oldest daughter has been involved in a few different activities in her short 6 years. She’s still pretty young, so I think just exposing her to many options is a good idea to see what she might like to delve into more deeply as she gets older. Each time we set the goal that […]

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Talesof aTwin Mama

5 Things Twin Moms Want You to Know

Being a mama to 2.5 year old twins brings along a lot of adventure, joy, love and – of course – it’s own set of challenges. I never realized how much effort things would take, sure they’d be more difficult but the logistics are SO much more than one can imagine.  When you have multiples the questions are endless, the […]

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Life Hacks

Life Hacks with Electronics

We all like things that make our lives easier, right? Here are some tips and tricks I have found that help me with the use of electronics. Let me preface this by saying this post is basically brought to you by my hubby. I mean I wrote it, and benefit from all of these things, […]

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When Family is Far Away

I am originally from a small town in Tennessee and when it came time for college, this baby bird wanted to fly the coop. Christian education was important to my family so when I became interested in one located here, my parents said OKC was as far as they would like me to go….so that’s […]

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