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If You Give A Mom an Errand

If you give a mom an errand, she’ll want to go by herself.  If she goes by herself, she’ll need to make a “quick stop” at Sonic or Starbucks for a drink, not punctuated by the screams for a slush or a cake pop.  Once she stops for her drink, she’ll need to blast some […]

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Mommin’ with Morning Sickness

I crouched forward, pressing my forehead to the cool bathroom tile, inwardly praising my husband for his recent scrub of the floor. I breathed in and out slowly, willing away the stomach upheaval and silently pleading for some semblance of reprieve. “Mom?” my five-year-old’s voice floated through the air. “Yes, dear?” “After you finish throwing […]

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Social Life

Social Life: Before and After Motherhood

Life before your first baby and life after your first baby are very different animals. Your new baby affects every aspect of your daily life, including how you communicate with others. Since technology plays such a huge role in today’s world, even social media becomes a sounding board for life before and after motherhood. I just […]

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Laundry Is My Nemesis

Our laundry situation was fairly under control until we added a third baby to the mix.  I had help for about a week after my c-section, and after that I was completely on my own for most of the day. I gave everything my best effort, however, that’s the time when things started to get a little […]

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