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My Kids are Spoiled Brats!

My children are spoiled brats. And it’s not their fault And before you start mom-shaming me, let me explain… I, like so many others, dove head-first into this parenting thing with having absolutely zero knowledge of what I was REALLY getting myself into. I’m just winging it.  I have learned a lot in my eight […]

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A Mom’s Response to #MeToo

The last few days, my newsfeed has been filled with #MeToo. Seeing women’s public responses has been eye-opening, moving, empowering, and disheartening. Yesterday evening, I scrolled through testimony after testimony about sexual harassment and assault, each story weighing heavier and heavier on my heart. Looking up, my tear-filled eyes first landed on my beautiful daughter, […]

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I Do Believe In Mom Karma

I Do Believe In Mom Karma.

I feel like I have read a lot lately about the so-called “Mommy Wars,” which references the one-upping and harsh judgments that occur between mothers. I don’t lose much sleep about it. I assume people are judging my parenting because I am judging theirs. We are human beings – it is what we do. We […]

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