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I See a Therapist, and I’m Not Ashamed

I see a therapist. There. I said it.  I feel like there is a pretty big stigma around mental health so it’s hard to discuss without someone jumping to conclusions. Does she have postpartum depression? Is her marriage okay? Is she crazy? Did she try to hurt herself? She probably doesn’t have a friends to […]

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Why I Chose Placenta Encapsulation...

Why I Chose Placenta Encapsulation…

Placenta. Encapsulation.  Just let that soak in. I first heard of placenta encapsulation 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My birth teacher told us about the potential benefits- everything from boosting milk supply to lessened postpartum bleeding to helping to ease or avoid the baby blues and postpartum mood disorders.  It […]

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