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When I Say “I’m Tired”…

I’m a part-time working mom of three kids, one of which is 4 months old, so I’m used to not getting a lot of sleep. I’m used to running on fumes and powering through on a wing and a prayer (and an enormous amount of Diet Dr. Pepper). But lately, I haven’t been “normal tired”. […]

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Mama, Don’t Rush The Little Years

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘you’re gonna miss this’ more times than you’d like to count. But let me tell you, mama, you may miss this season for reasons beyond what you’d hope. I preface this post by saying I am not here to bring you down or foresee what will happen to your children […]

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I See a Therapist, and I’m Not Ashamed

I see a therapist. There. I said it.  I feel like there is a pretty big stigma around mental health so it’s hard to discuss without someone jumping to conclusions. Does she have postpartum depression? Is her marriage okay? Is she crazy? Did she try to hurt herself? She probably doesn’t have a friends to […]

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