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Dear Mom, (1)

Dear Mom, Thanks for Fighting

Before 2014, I knew little about breast cancer.  Though most people I knew had someone in their life touched by breast cancer, my awareness of the disease did not go far beyond the pink ribbons or the occasional dollar donated in the checkout line.  Until May 2014. The week after my youngest sibling graduated high school, my mom called […]

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Being Strong for My Mom

Recently, we had a guest post from Annette regarding her reaction to being diagnosed with breast cancer.  This post is by her daughter and how she is coping with her mom having cancer. It’s one of those days you can’t forget.  The day you find out there’s a possibility your mom could be sick, the day […]

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When Words are Tough: Dealing with Cancer

I don’t really consider myself a cancer survivor.  I mean, I’ve had cancer and I don’t now, so I guess that technically makes me a survivor, but the reality of my experience pales in comparison to what so many people go through.  I thank the Lord every single day that I didn’t have to endure chemo, radiation, sickness, […]

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