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Phillip and Alden playing nicely...for now!

5 Alternatives to Saying “No”

No.  How often do we say it in a day? How often do we say it to our toddlers, only to have them smile or laugh and repeat the action that caused the “no” in the first place? Fun, right? As our babies grow and gain their independence, they’re going to “get into mischief,” as […]

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Balance and Boundaries: Making Your Own

Each of us sets boundaries in our lives. Some grow subconsciously over time, others with much more thought. We set boundaries for ourselves, and we set boundaries for those with whom we interact. They’re important and sometimes downright imperative. When you get married, you inherit your spouse’s family, for better or worse. There are traditions […]

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The Power of “No”

You can see it in my dayplanner. Yes, I actually write things down in one. I know these days your supposed to sync everything to your smart phone, but I just need a big picture. I want to flip pages and write things. So I will forever keep those who make dayplanners in business. But […]

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