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Ready to ride off into the sunset and never look back!

Peace Out, Elementary School…

  My youngest child will be leaving elementary school in one month, and I have serious mom senioritis. When my oldest was venturing out into the world of middle school, I was a sobbing mess. Therefore, I have been emotionally preparing myself for the last year or so for the end of our elementary school […]

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“Trying On” Motherhood

Motherhood. For me, it felt a bit like trying on a new pair of shoes. It was a little stiff. Even painful at times, but I was bound and determined to make them fit. After all, I made the darn things. For the first six months or so, they didn’t fit so well. And it’s […]

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The Self-Care No One Talks About

Self-care has become a buzzword for women. Women spend so much time taking care of others, that we tend to get run-down a bit and not take the time to care for ourselves. As we know, but don’t always put into practice, when momma has taken care of herself, she is much more equipped and […]

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