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Why Driving Gives Me Anxiety

There are many things that I had to get used to when I moved to this country. The first adjustment was being immersed in a completely different culture with a different language and many new traditions. Out of all the huge transitions, one of the biggest things I had to adjust to was driving. It […]

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True life- anxiety

True Life: Living With Crippling Anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety for practically my entire life. I remember being in elementary school, sitting at my desk, and worrying. As I grew older, there were times in my life when my anxiety was almost crippling.  A horrible relationship in college left me reeling with anxiety.  Sleepless nights filled with racing thoughts of worry became an all […]

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Anxiety & Pregnancy

Anxiety and Pregnancy: You’re Not Alone

People talk about postpartum depression, and spouses and family members are taught to keep a watchful eye over the new mom following childbirth. But, what about during pregnancy? A certain amount of worry during pregnancy is normal, but there comes a point when anxiety levels cause distress or interfere with normal functions. A pregnant woman may […]

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