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5 Ways To Avoid Parenting Information Overload

One quick Google search for “parenting” results in hundreds, if not thousands, of hits. There are articles, books, blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages and online groups. We are bombarded with parenting advice that is often confusing, contradictory, and at times, even frightening. Sound familiar? This overload of information has created a generation of parents who settle […]

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Announcing Your Pregnancy While Your Friend is Still Waiting For Her Baby

Fertility. The word itself carries connotations of a formulaic process. Commit this specific act in this specific time frame and you will conceive a child. It’s objective. Scientific. It clearly works for so many without a second thought. It’s just a question of, am I ready?  For some of us, it was merely a decision […]

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Grandparents: A Mom’s BFF!

When I found out I was expecting my first son, I could not WAIT to find the cutest, most Pinterest-y way to tell our parents. We told them all on the same day and as we did the laughing/hugging/crying/disbelief dance (he was our honeymoon baby), I felt as if all was right in the world. […]

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To The Mamas of Velcro Babies

Not long after my second baby was born, Facebook suggested I like a page for sleep training advice (it was as if Mark Zuckerburg himself had noticed the bags under my eyes!). I wasn’t really interested in too much advice this time around because my first baby proved to me that there is no perfect […]

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When Do You Let Your Kids Quit?

My oldest daughter has been involved in a few different activities in her short 6 years. She’s still pretty young, so I think just exposing her to many options is a good idea to see what she might like to delve into more deeply as she gets older. Each time we set the goal that […]

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It’s OK to Ignore Your Kids!

That title may have got your attention, and I’m already bracing myself for the hateful comments, but please read the full post before you think I’m telling you it’s OK to neglect your kids! Neglect is NEVER OK. That is actually a crime that can cause you to lose your parental rights. However, ignoring your […]

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To The Moms of More Than One

To The Moms of More Than One

Before my husband and I got married, we both had dreams of a big family. Five kids, at LEAST. I wanted all boys, he wanted as many girls as possible – with at least one boy to carry on his love for all things outdoors. Despite a few complications, I enjoyed my first pregnancy, and knew I wouldn’t really have […]

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