Summer Break IS BREAKING ME!

Me this summer.

Y’all… I am losing my ever-loving mind and it’s barely July! Kudos to you parents who have summer bucket lists, themed weeks, and all the summer fun things still going strong. Teach me your ways.


Of course, I was the mom who was super pumped for summer and lazy days.

I am an idiot.

Lazy days my butt. More like complete chaos, constant fighting, non-stop snacking, and complete exhaustion for me.

I’m broke from having to grocery shop EVERY TWO DAYS!

My pantry is like a sick joke during summer. I go to Sam’s and load up on snacks that, during the school year would last two weeks, but during summer? They barely last two days. It is mind-boggling to me how fast it all disappears.

Tiny humans consume a ridiculous amount of food in no time during the summer. 

Our lack of routine is truly testing my sanity.

We have a very lax schedule and my girls have chores and specific days for video games with an allotted amount of time on those days.

So now on the off days, they are constantly hounding me for playing time and I am refusing because I feel like kids should have to be somewhat bored in the summer. This makes my life so much more difficult and I 100% blame summer. 

The fighting has been on a whole new level.

One minute my children are the three best friends anyone has ever seen, and the next minute, they are so irritated with each other that they can’t even stand to be in the same room together.

I just had to implement a “keep your hands to yourself” rule. If they get physical while fighting, they get grounded for a week.

Last night my nine-year-old kicked my five-year-old in the face after he allegedly hit her with his cowboy boot. So now they are grounded. Which, unfortunately, means that we are all kind of grounded, because it’s not like my seven-year-old and I can go do anything fun and just leave them at home alone… so we are all being punished for the kicking incident.

The general crazy is EXTRA crazy.

After a night of all three of my children getting along and having a sleepover (which I was so happy about), my seven-year-old woke up with a bright red eyeball. So I took her straight to urgent care.

I repeatedly asked her if anything had happened, but she swore nothing had. When the doctor came in, though, they were singing a different tune. My children announced to this medical professional that they were FARTING in each other’s faces and on each other’s pillows the night before. Because it was funny.

Pink eye is not funny.


Mommy mortified is putting it mildly. This was the icing on my summer-break-my-soul cake.

So yeah… summer break is breaking me!

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets pink eye.

Send some positive juju to this mamma pretty please!

How is your summer break going?

Is it breaking your bank and sanity like it is mine?

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2 Responses to Summer Break IS BREAKING ME!

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    Lori July 10, 2019 at 6:38 pm #

    Lol, oh my goodness I love it! But seriously though. My boys are 16, 13, and the twins are 9. I love summer break but it can be challenging. We do keep a schedule and this summer I added a rotating (weekly) chore chart. Why should I always have to do all the work? They turn in electronics the night before and have to earn them by doing the chores listed each day. We stay busy, summer movie clubs, swimming lessons, karate, day camps, whatever free for kids activities I can find plus we have memberships to places like Zoo, SMO, Myriad Gardens, & the nearby pool. There is fighting, I stopped a few today! If I count to three & someone loses privileges (they are getting bigger so the belt is getting less use but I keep it visible for reminders). Everything is on a schedule on a calendar where everyone can see & of course on my phone. Fly by the seat of your pants days do not usually go well, more fighting etc… I hope this helps! Good luck!

    • katyjohnson
      katyjohnson July 15, 2019 at 8:02 pm #

      Lori!! Thank you so much! A schedule REALLY makes a difference. I appreciate you reading & commenting.

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