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In November, my little one was teething up a storm. She was 15 months old and only had 2 teeth. I expected quite a few to rupture through. As I watched her deal with the pain of being a toddler, I often wondered what I got myself into. Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with disclaimers like pharmaceutical advertisements on TV? “Child-may-contain-vomiting-diarrhea-screaming-kicking-etc.” This prompted me to compile a list of the best and worst side effects of having a kid.

The Worst Side Effects of Having a Kid

1. Vomit

Seriously, who in the room hasn’t had to deal with vomit from their kid? It’s a shocker the first time it happens, but quickly becomes commonplace. I’m thankful I know how to deal with vomit because my husband, bless his heart, is a sympathetic vomit-er. It has the potential to get messy real quick!

2. Tantrums 

Aaaah yes, The Tantrum. I’m not sure where mine gets the idea that tantrums will let her get her way, but she still tries them out. There’s nothing quite so funny/irritating as your child dropping to their knees in an all-out wail in the middle of the Science Museum. Gotta love that resounding Darth Vader-esque, “NO!!!” 

3. Picky eating 

It’s as if being a child and being a picky eater go hand-in-hand. Even when I thought my kid was going to be a great eater, she quickly changed her tune when she hit one year and refused to try anything remotely unfamiliar. Oh yeah, and food she once liked? It was apparently worse than the plague.

4. Messes 

Miniature tornadoes. My husband mentioned to me the other evening that our LO sure does know how to take a clean room and make it “not so” at a “very efficient rate.” Much awe was in his voice that night. I simply nodded knowingly. 

5. Allergic to sleep 

Seriously…do kids just not realize they’re tired? I seem to remember getting tired as a kid and liking sleep. I’ve always been a fan, but dealing with my toddler I’ve found that…no. Most children are not this way. In fact, many seem to believe they will miss something important. Anything. No guys…really…truly…you are only missing Mom trying to get her sanity back.

Okay, Mama! Let’s reel it back in. Our babies are not all bad! In fact, there are some very beneficial side effects to having a kid that we all can enjoy!

The Best Side Effects of Having a Kid 

1. Snuggles 

I find it physically impossible to stay annoyed at my little one when she snuggles with me (and she’s figured this out). Loving physical contact with our little ones is so precious. Soak it all in because those babies really do love YOU.

2. Smiles 

The supreme trust and joy that comes through those smiles are contagious. How can something so small pack such a large punch?

3. Giggles 

Admit it. You just thought of your baby giggling and did a little giggle along with it. It’s infectious! No other baby has that laugh like your baby does. 

4. Hugs & kisses 

“I love you” XOXO 

5. Help 

The willingness of many children to help is foreign to me. My full-sized body doesn’t want to get off the couch to grab the purse across the room, but my child will happily run to get it when asked (most of the time). I know it’s the golden age of toddlerhood coming through, but it’s a nice age that I plan to store in my memory bank as long as I can.

What They Really Need

All the love, nurturing, kindness, patience, and self-control we can muster.

Photo by Haley Wilson

Parents/guardians, we are the absolute WORLD to these babies. It’s difficult to be a baby/toddler/kid! I know we joke about how hard it is almost every time there’s a tantrum (well, I do), but it really is. 

What side effects of having a kid do you notice? What is your #1 worst/#1 best side effect of your own little one?

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  1. Avatar
    Lannea February 27, 2019 at 8:16 am #

    Snot, you forgot snot! Warning children come with a side of snot…
    Oh and dirt
    Snot mixed with dirt 😂😂

  2. Avatar
    Marion February 27, 2019 at 1:34 pm #

    Lol! I totally agree. Fountains of snot.

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